Reservations Required

In an effort to keep the production of greenhouse gases to a minimum and ensure a smooth and timely journey for all our guests, Green Ride will operate on a RESERVATION ONLY basis. That means, if we have not been reserved to stop at a location, including our Boulder and Longmont hubs, we will not send a vehicle. Additionally, if there are no inbound or outbound reservations, we will not send a vehicle to Denver International Airport. Reservations are good for one trip to or from one location and the Denver International Airport, and round trip reservations will be treated as two separate reservations linked together. Reservations on airport shuttle service for a party of more than one person must travel to and from the same location.

On Time Service Guarantee

We offer an on-time delivery guarantee because your time is important. We can make this promise because we carefully plan our pick-up times and work efficiently to meet your expectations. We guarantee that we will arrive at DEN (Denver International Airport) within 15 minutes of our published arrival time. If we fail to deliver on that promise because of factors that are in our control, you get your money back. We will fully refund the one-way cost for instance we failed to deliver on our promise. Airport arrival time is based on the time of the electronic time stamp at the Level 5 Airport Entry Gate. The following exceptions and guidelines apply:

  • No on-time delivery refund if we are late because of delays caused by conditions that are beyond our operational and business management control. Examples include delays caused by construction, weather, road, or traffic conditions.
  • Be Prepared. In many cases our ability to be on time depends on good information and the excellent preparedness of our passengers. We confirm estimated pickup time windows in an email sent at the time a reservation is made, and further confirm pickup times the evening prior to scheduled travel by use of an automated phone system. We expect our passengers to be prepared and ready to depart by the time they are given. Delays caused by other passengers being ill prepared, late, or absent will not be eligible for an on-time guarantee refund.
  • Be courteous, and be ready to travel. Passengers who are not ready within their given pickup window will be considered absent. Our drivers will make reasonable accommodations within the confines of their schedule, but no guarantee is expressed or implied that a driver will be able to accommodate nor will attempt to accommodate any passenger who is not ready to travel. Additionally, our driver’s will not be able to return to where a passenger was picked up in order to retrieve any belongings they forgot.
  • Help us help you. Please make sure we have the correct pickup information. Provide extra details if you live in a hard to find location, apartment building, complex or rural setting. For early morning pickups turn on your lights, put luggage somewhere that is easy for the driver to see.
  • To stay on schedule our driver needs to leave the pickup location at the given departure time. By its very nature, the timeliness of a shared ride service is contingent on the passenger being ready to board when the driver arrives. The driver’s goal is to arrive at the beginning of the pickup window. 

    Service Area

    We make every effort to show accurate service area information on our website. It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that the address they wished to travel to or from is within our service area. Green Ride Boulder and Longmont reserves the right to refuse or cancel reservations made outside our service areas. A completed reservation made for outside our regular service area does not obligate Green Ride Boulder and Longmont to provide service. Exceptions will be made to our service area on a case-by-case basis, and an exception made in the past is no guarantee of a future exception.

    Passenger Safety

    The safety and comfort of our passengers is our highest priority. In order to maintain a safe and comfortable driving environment, our drivers have the right to deny or de-board any person who, in the driver’s judgment, is unruly or disruptive or may pose a threat to the safety of the vehicle or anyone on board.


    With the exception of service animals, Green Ride Boulder and Longmont reserves the right to deny the transportation of pets. Green Ride allows the transportation of pets under the following circumstances and contingent upon the following conditions:

  • The pet is able to fit in a carrier on the passenger’s lap without causing discomfort to another passenger.
  • Pets too large to fit in a carrier will require a reserved seat and be treated as a “child reservation”.
  • By travelling with a pet, the passenger agrees to be liable for any costs incurred by Green Ride as a result of cleaning the vehicle of fur, hair, urine, feces, or any other mess caused by the pet. Cleaning fees are $50 per hour, and will be assessed at a minimum of one hour per each incidence.
  • Pets which act aggressively or may, in the driver’s judgment, pose a threat to the safety of the passengers will be denied service or de-boarded along with the accompanying passenger.
  • A pet may be denied service or de-boarded if another passenger is allergic to the pet. In this circumstance, alternative travel arrangements may be made to accommodate all passengers and pets. 

    Limitations of Liability

    Green Ride will not be responsible for delays caused by conditions that are beyond our operational and business management control. Examples include delays caused by construction, weather, road, or traffic conditions. When traveling, it’s always recommended that you leave yourself enough time to manage unforeseen conditions that could delay your journey. Green Ride will not be responsible for any cost, nor will provide any compensation when it is determined that a passenger did not leave themselves enough time to navigate the airport, and pass through security in order to board their flight on time. It is recommended that one arrives at the airport within 90 minutes of scheduled boarding, and as such, we determine 90 minutes to be enough time to navigate the airport, and pass through security.

    Limitation on Compensation Following Service Failure

    Where it is determined to be Green Ride’s fault, customers will receive a refund of the fare paid to Green Ride.

    Limitations on Compensation Following Missed Flights

    When it is determined to be Green Ride’s fault, Green Ride may provide compensation not to exceed $200.00 per person for domestic flights and $300.00 per person for international flights. Green Ride may reimburse for overnight lodging in the event a customer cannot book a flight out on the same day of travel. Reimbursement is based on the average standard room rate as dictated by management in that market. Meals and other expenses are not covered as part of reimbursement for delays or missed flights. Green Ride does not assume any responsibility for lost income or potential income, and other losses resulting from missed professional or personal functions. When traveling to an important event, it is recommended to allow extra travel time by booking earlier than the recommended time to avoid delays.

    Limitations on Customer Claim Time

    The Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that, unless a longer period is mandated and made unwaverable by law, any claim relating to the services provided to Customer hereunder, including, without limitation, claims relating to damaged luggage, missed flight or other out of pocket expenses due to any alleged service failure, must be brought to our attention within 31 days after the occurrence of the act or omission that is the subject of the claim. All claims made are subject to approval or dismissal by Green Ride management.


    Prepayment is required for all reservations made online. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. We accept cash as well as the previously listed cards when payment is made at the time of travel.

    Cancellation Policy

    Customers may cancel up to 24 hours in advance and receive a refund.
    Reservations cancelled less than 24 prior to travel will be credited only with notice. No refunds shall be issued for reservations made in the past and not completed, or reservations that have been abandoned. Exceptions may be made by the dispatch and management team only. Examples include family emergency, flight changes or cancellations beyond the customer’s control, or exigent factors that are not in the customer’s immediate control. Exceptions may be made for the last shuttle of the night. Exceptions may be made for group sales, group travel, group reservation portals and travels arranged through Green Ride Business services. Award of past exceptions is no guarantee of future exceptions.


    The listed rates do not include a driver or reservation agent gratuity. You should never see a sign nor hear a request for a gratuity from any Green Ride employee. However, if you are so inclined, you may include a gratuity with your reservation or give a tip to the driver at the time of service. Gratuities included with your reservation payment are shared with all Green Ride employees, including drivers, reservation agents and dispatchers. Gratuities paid to the driver at the time of service goes to the driver.


    All information obtained to make your reservation is held in strictest confidence. We do not make names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, or any other personal information available to any companies or individuals except for those that are directly involved in the delivery and marketing of Green Ride services.

    Video Surveillance:

    By using Green Ride, you consent to being surveilled by vehicle based video and audio recording equipment. The video and audio gathered from such surveillance is the sole property of Green Ride, and Green Ride reserves the right to share this content with insurance adjusters, law enforcement, and other third parties deemed necessary for investigation of incidents.

    Lost Items

    Passengers are responsible for their personal possessions. We try our best to return items left in our vehicles to their owners, but we assume no liability for lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced items. Any charges incurred in returning a left-behind item to its owner must be paid by the owner. Remember, too, that many bags look alike. Our drivers cannot remember which bags belong to each passenger. Upon reaching your destination, please check to see that you have retrieved all your belongings, and that each bag, briefcase, computer, etc. is, indeed, yours. Items left in our vehicles including but not limited to cell phones, cameras, small bags, glasses, and wallets will be stored in our lost and found, and can be retrieved by request. The presense of our lost and found does not express nor imply Green Ride’s responsibility for lost items. Items recovered and not claimed shall become the possesions of Green Ride after 30 days. Periodically, our lost and found will be emptied, and donated to local charities.

    Damaged Luggage

    Green Ride shall not be held liable for more than $250 per piece of luggage and its contents due to loss or damage caused by Green Ride


    Green Ride is not liable for damage or theft of vehicles parked in our lots, and is not liable for items stolen from vehicles while parked in our lots. Security footage related to theft, vandalism, or other incident may be made available upon request from an investigating law enforcement agency. By parking in our lot(s), you consent to allow Green Ride to tow your vehicle to another location in the event that emergency or scheduled maintenance be conducted to the property, or surrounding areas.

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