About Green Ride Boulder
Boulder – Denver Airport Shuttle Service

GREEN RIDE BOULDER is walkin’ the walk.

Born to compete with an  800 pound multi-national, corporate gorilla, we launched in our home town with concepts far beyond those of conglomerate company values. We started with “Nice”. Let’s be that first and foremost. Efficient and Reliable. That’s a good second as we consolidate it with “Nice”. Honesty and  integrity: that’s a great third addition. Let everyone know what they are getting even if it’s not going well. Add caring for people and the planet fourth and we have a company that people will use.  All we were saying was give us a chance. And you did. And we drive safely and prosper. And you benefit. And we thank you.

The question we hear most frequently is “How is Green Ride Boulder green?”

The following are some specific things we do to help the environment:

-We believe in a shared-ride philosophy. 20 passengers, 19 cars off the road.
For each guest’s vehicle that “stays home”, the equivalent of 27 pounds of CO2 gas is not emitted into the atmosphere. In addition, there is less wear and tear on our roads, less congestion, and vehicles last longer and do not need to be replaced as often. Also, fewer vehicles on the road make the roads safer.

-We are conscientious about our driving model.
Our policy is to accelerate and decelerate slowly. We drive a maximum of 68 to 70 mph on roads that allow 75 mph. Slower driving is safer, quieter, conserves fuel, and reduces wear and tear on tires, brakes, and other moving components. This helps vehicles last longer, so the amount of energy required to build new vehicles is decreased. We never idle our vehicles needlessly. Our policy is to turn off our vehicles whenever we load or unload passengers.

-We use paperless ticketing.
This saves wood, water, energy, and other resources.

-We require reservations, so that we can route efficiently and use the right size vehicle for the job.
Our vehicles range in size from our bikes for errands, 6-passenger mini vans, 10-passenger vans, and 14-passenger, 21-passenger and 25 passenger shuttles. We will cancel the 100 mile round trip to DEN if we have no reservations.

-We practice the “Four Rs”: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, and Re-purpose.
Our offices are furnished and decorated with re-purposed materials. Our reservation agents work from home, resulting in fewer vehicles on the road and less office space to heat or cool. We hire people who care about the environment. Many employees ride bikes to work.

-We spread our “green” locally.
We employ locally. We use local vendors. We are locally-owned and operated.

We do what we can, and it never will be enough.

We are doing many things in many areas and will always strive to exceed our goals and the expectations of the community. 

“What is Shared-Ride? How does it work?”

Green Ride Boulder’s (GRB) Shared-Ride Airport Shuttle provides a low cost, environmentally-friendly, transportation service between Denver International Airport (DEN) and Boulder, Gunbarrel, Louisville, Superior, and Interlocken. In a GRB vehicle, you share the ride with other travelers, eliminating the need for multiple vehicles traveling to/from DEN.

GRB Shared-Ride is locally-owned and operated and puts money back into the local economy by employing local drivers, reservation agents, and by supporting local businesses.

GRB Shared-Ride pick-ups are planned in detail every day. Late each day, we calculate the most efficient routing to ensure home and business pick-ups in the Boulder Area are convenient and effective. After we have determined the most efficient routing, we call each passenger and give a 10-minute pick-up window for the next day.

“What happens to my Colorado Carbon Fund contribution?”

Green Ride Boulder collects contributions made by its ridership.

These donations are facilitated by ticketing online.

Every $1,000 in donations received supports the reduction of 50 metric tons (110,506 lbs) of CO2 from Colorado’s atmosphere.

In terms that are easy to understand, 50 metric tons of CO2 is the equivalent of:

  • The emissions resulting from the consumption of 5,639 gallons of gasoline
  • The amount of greenhouse gas emissions saved by recycling 33,750 lbs of waste, instead of sending it to a landfill
  • The amount of carbon sequestered by 1,285 tree seedlings grown for 10 years
  • The annual greenhouse gas emissions from nearly 10 passenger vehicles

Find out more about the Colorado Carbon Fund by reviewing the information on their web site http://www.coloradocarbonfund.org/